Who we are ?

Neggrow is the agritech company co-founded by Sokoine University of Agriculture graduates . Headquarter in Morogoro region in Tanzania. The company takes steps in bringing technology revolution in the agriculture sector in Africa . We are focusing on climatic smart agriculture devices and practices which maximize crop yield and address food security .

To provide quality and affordable agriculture services using the best technologies to solve agriculture and environmental problems.
To be the Leading company in providing Smart agriculture services ,solutions and technology in the Africa
Quality Service

Provision of quality product and Services that meet international Standards



With NegController you can plan irrigation and fertigation at anytime from anywhere in the world. You can instantly plan and control any device or machine by simple Steps on your smartphone or computer .

Enjoy the power of internet of things(IOT) and machine leaning from Neggrow.

Monitoring and management of farm operations is made easy with NegSense. Now you can get connected to your farm from anywhere in the world in real time allowing you to make data driven decisions and high yield at the end of the season

Climatic Smart Agriculture

 Irrigation and fertigation controller that maximizes crop productivity using machine learning and internet of things (IOT).


Minister of agriculture Hon Hussein Bashe was among the guests visited our farm and we got opportunity to show him our smart control systems and how they operates.

Nane Nane 2022

During Nane nane 2022 we had opportunity to show various technologies to farmers. In collaboration with Sokoine University of Agriculture we set up a farm model to demonstrate to farmers how they can optimize production and increase quality of their produce through the use of technology.

Automatic Water Controls

Automatic control of irrigation water make it easier to manage your farm, save cost and time. Plants get optimal amount of water and nutrients and boost your productivity.

Digital Agriculture Trainings

We want to make sure we equip farmers with knowledge to use available technologies to optimize production and quality of the crops.

Customers reviews

It has been a great experience to use smart devices in our model farm as a training tool and in managing our farm more effectively. it inspired many farmers and visitors on the adaption of climatic smart agriculture on their farming business . we would like to thanks Neggrow company limited for taking an important initiative in transforming Agriculture in Africa . Were are happy to see how the Israel internship organized by SUGECO and Ministry of Agriculture inspired the founders to organize and form this company for the future agriculture technology in Africa.
Revocatus Kimario
Executive Director, SUGECO
I will always recommend everyone to adapt this technology because it minimizes the cost of production and also makes the farm management more easy by real time monitoring and automation . In the last three years i was not aware and completely unable to monitor my farming business but with this technology i managed to track the day to day farm operations and respond quickly to any change when happen
Peter Adam